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The attorneys of Philip D. Burroughs & Associates, LLC, have over 75 years of combined experience in estate planning, estate and trust administration, business transactions and real estate matters, as well as representing plaintiffs and defendants in litigation involving each of those legal areas.



We pride ourselves on both our transactional and litigation skills, which are a product of careful attention to detail, effective writing, and confidence before judges and juries. Above all, we strive to earn and maintain the trust of our clients through good communication, thoughtful advice, and outstanding work.



Because the firm is small, we have established and work with a network of attorneys who practice exclusively in specific legal fields, such as tax, labor, employment, intellectual property and criminal matters. Our clients are thus able to work closely with us, while knowing that consultation with other attorneys who are highly experienced in certain areas is a resource readily available to them if necessary in a particular matter.

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[clear h="10" sc_id="sc2"]We are located in the Keystone Crossing office corridor just 1/2 mile south from the Keystone Street exit off the Indianapolis loop interstate, I-465.[clear h="10" sc_id="sc3"]

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